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Katrina wants to dance with Kareena at her wedding!

Days back, Kareena cherished to attend and dance with her ‘sister-in-law’ Katrina in Katrina and her boyfriend’s wedding. When everyone knows about Ranbir’s and Katrina’s recent relationship, especially after the leaked ‘intimate’ photo of Katrina and Ranbir on a beach in Spain, Kareena’s wish makes some sense!

Katrina said she wouldn’t marry Ranbir

It was well-known rumor that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif fancy each other. In fact, for last several months, this relation is the hot news of the Bollywood. Even, few photos have been leaked where Katrina and Ranbir were snapped in a beach in Spain in very intimate scene.

Angel alone in the Airport! Nobody to receive Shraddha Kapoor.

Aashiqui 2 actress Shraddha Kapoor was in Goa for shooting of her next movie The Villain. Monday night she returned to Mumbai and surprisingly there was nobody at the airport to receive her! Even her driver ditched her and no family member was present there to take her home. She was strolling with her heavy baggage and enjoying ‘natural beauty’ of the artificially built airport!

Abhishek said that He Respects Aamir Khan

Production of Dhoom 3 has recently been completed where Aamir and Abhishek played main role besides Katrina Kaif. While working with Aamir, Abhishek found massive respect for Aamir in him and said that he is in awe of Aamir. In Dhoom 3, Abhishek played supporting but influential character asides Aamir.

Khan Respects Khan, Aamir Respects Salman

It is an eternal controversy in the Bollywood that which khan is the best. Although there are four prominent khans ruling the Bollywood as follows Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan, the controversy revolves around first three and Bollywood fanatics aren't that much interested about fourth one.

No one can stop Shah Rukh Khan! King is ready for action movie

It was Chennai Express that last movie Shah Rukh starred in and the movie broke all the records of the Bollywood history and earned maximum revenue. But, the movie also costs a lot from Shah Rukh. Shah Rukh fell in injury during shooting which still causes pain to him. It was too severe that he had to undergo surgery. However, Mr. Khan is not worried about the injury and thinks himself fit for starring in any action movie.